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Superhero Packages

Commonly Asked Question: What time frame/package is best for my child’s age?

In short, all of them! We have specifically designed each of our packages to be fun and interactive for ages 2-10! We understand it may seem like a shorter option is all a young child can handle, but after 12 years of experience and thousands of parties we can confidently say that all packages (including the ones over 1 hour) are perfectly tailored to make sure that young ages, no matter how short the attention span, are kept engaged and having fun! With all of the magical activities we have planned, we find the packages seem to go by very quickly, time flies by when you’re having fun! Our performers are also prepared to adjust things during the party to suit the energy level of each group. 

Of course results may vary due to the children’s interest in the Character, however, we have found that 99.9% of our participants have had endless fun whether their package is 30 minutes or 2 hours! We mostly find them wishing there was more time by the end. 

So don’t worry about time, just choose a package based on the activities you like, and your budget, we’ll take care of the fun! 

Mini Package

Add an Additional Character: $105

- $175 + GST*

- 30 minutes

- Choice of (1) Character 


- Meet & Greet

- Super Hero Lessons

- Photo Opportunity

- Superhero Award Ceremony

Silver Package

- $245.00 + GST*

- 60 minutes

- Choice of (1) Character


- Meet & Greet

- Tattoos

- Interactive Storytime

- Super Hero Lessons

- Game with Prizes

- Photo Opportunity

- Super Hero Award Ceremony​

Add an Additional Character: $125

- $285.00 + GST*

- 90 minutes

- Choice of (1) Character


- Meet & Greet

- Face Painting

- Tattoos

- Themed Craft

- Super Hero Lessons

- Game with Prizes

- Interactive Story Time

- Photo Opportunity

- Birthday Child Award Ceremony

Add an Additional Character: $150

Gold Package

Add On's

Extra Character: 

        Mini Package:  $105

        Silver Package:  $125

        Gold Package:  $150

Add Craft (to MINI OR SILVER PKG) for up to 12 children and 15 extra minutes:  $55


Important Information

  • OUTDOOR PARTIES: Outdoor Parties are permitted from May until the first snow fall, weather permitting. For temperatures of 10 C or lower, the performer will be required to wear character appropriate winter wear over their costume.  For all parties held outdoors, a shaded area is required for the Character to do their activities, for their safety. Due to our delicate costumes, and for our performers health and safety, an indoor alternative must be provided if a weather change does occur (Rain, Snow, Wind, Hail, etc). Performers will not be permitted to work outdoors in these weather conditions, and will be required to leave the party if no indoor alternative is provided. No refund will be given if this circumstance occurs. 

  • COVID-19 SAFETY:  ​During Covid-19, our performers will not be permitted to remain at a party where there are any guests with any visible cold or flu symptoms. We ask you to remind your guests not to attend if they have any form of illness symptoms. Our performers will be required to leave a party if there are any guests in attendance with these symptoms, with no refund given.

  • With each party we attend, our Company Performers will be considered "Guests" of the event. As Enchanted Princess Parties, or its performers, are not the host of any party we are invited to, we will not be held responsible for any Covid-19 Cases that may occur from the party or event. Hosts will be required to sign and agree to this upon booking.

  • Covid Restrictions are subject to change at any time, if the Alberta Government adds any restrictions. 

  • CRAFT (Gold Packages only)A table is required for this activity, with enough space for each child to sit and do their craft. Multiple tables may be used if needed

  • IMPORTANT: We always do our very best to complete every activity listed in the packages we offer. However, due to the many contributing factors during parties or events, some activities may take longer than planned to complete. In this case certain activities may be required to be removed or replaced, as per the decision of the performer. We do not provide any refunds for any activities we were unable to complete due to this reason. Our performers are trained to be very efficient and will always do their very best to complete as many activities as possible in the given time frame.


  • EXTRA CHILDREN: Our packages are designed for up to 12 children, if your party exceeds 12, a fee of $4.00/extra child will be required in order to cover the costs of supplies

  • TRAVEL FOR OUTSIDE EDMONTON: For Parties far outside of the Edmonton area, there will be a Travel Fee added to the amount of the package chosen. Please inquire about these rates, which vary upon location.​​​

  • CAKE CUTTING CEREMONY: Please let us know if you would like our Performer to take part in your cake cutting ceremony and we will add it onto the package free of charge. Our performers, however, are not permitted to cut the cake, but can be present during the ceremony itself. Please note, an activity may need to be removed to leave time for this activity.  

  • OVER 15 CHILDREN: For parties with over 15 Children invited we Highly Recommend adding an additional character, as it allows us to get through all of the included activities in the given time frame. We cannot guarantee all of the activities will be completed if there is over 15 children and only 1 Character present.



Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know! We always do our best to customize our packages in order to provide you with the party of your child's dreams!

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