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How It Works
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Choose Your Character

We have a roster of over 40 character options! Take a look at our character roster to see who you would like to invite to your party!

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Choose Your Package

Take a look at our Packages page to see the options we offer, and what's included! Our packages vary in time and price so you can find just what you're looking for. You can also take a look at our "Add-Ons" to see if you would like to add anything extra to your party!

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Choose Your Location

Whether it be your home, a community centre, a playroom or another location, we can travel to wherever you would like to hold your party! Our performers can make any space work, no matter how big or small! When choosing your venue consider your theme, how many guests you are expecting, and whether there is adequate space for your party plans. 

We travel to Edmonton, as well as surrounding areas! For events far outside of the Edmonton area, there will be a Travel Fee added to the amount of the package chosen. Please inquire about these rates, which vary depending on your chosen location!


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Choose Your Date

Contact us with your first choice of date and time, and we will do our best to make it work for you. The earlier you book your Princess the more options you will have. Our weekend slots fill up very fast, so we suggest booking 6-8 weeks in advance in order to secure your desired date, character and performer.


Even though your Little One's birthday may fall during the week it is always best to choose the weekend when booking your Princess (we may be able to attend a weekday event, however, character availability would be limited). 

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Contact Us

To get started on your booking, go to the "Book Your Party" section and submit an inquiry form! We will respond in 24-36 hours! If you live outside of Edmonton, we recommend letting us know the address of your party, so we can let you know if there would be a travel fee included. 

If you do not hear back from us within after a 36 hour period, please try again.  Every once in a while emails do get misdirected into spam. 

You can also email us at:

Let the Magic Begin!

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