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Event Facepainting

Invite our royal face painters  for your large events or parties! We provide a variety of on-board facepaint options for your guests to choose from, which can be customized to your events theme. 

For events with a large amount of guests we recommend multiple painters to keep the lines smaller, and to get your guests painted quicker! Minimum booking time is 2 hours

Take a look at the chart below to view our prices based on the amount of guests and length of your event!

4 Painters

Up to 135 Faces


Up to 120 Faces


3 Painters

2 Painters

1 Painter

3 hours

2 hours

4 hours

Up to 160 Faces


Up to 30 Faces


Up to 45 Faces


Up to 60 Faces


Up to 70 Faces


Up to 90 Faces


Up to 115 Faces


Up to 170 Faces


Up to 200 Faces


Up to 240 Faces


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