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Deposit: A $100 deposit is due upon booking in order to confirm your party or event. Deposits are non-refundable, however it may be put towards another party within one year of the original party. Subject to date and character avaialbilty. Changes to your date are permitted up to 1 week prior to your event date. Any changes later than 1 week are subject to an administration fee of $50.  

Contacting Us: Please give us up to 48 hours to respond to your messages.

Payment: The Balance must be paid at least 48 hours before your party/event begins. Interact e-Transfer is our preferred method of payment. Please note that the balance must be paid in full before the event begins in order for the Character to arrive.

Travel: A travel fee will be applied to residents living outside of Edmonton (and surrounding areas). Please inquire with us about whether or not your party will require a travel fee.

Party Size: Our parties are designed for a maximum of 12 children. A charge of $4.00/extra child will be applied to your party if your guest list exceeds 12. Our parties are designed to maximize the time spent with the birthday child as well as their friends. Because of this, we strongly suggest booking (2) princesses if you have a party with over 20 Children so that the princess does not run out of time. Please note: If you have more than 20 Children and only 1 Character, all of the included activities may not be completed in the given time, and Enchanted Princess Parties is not responsible for this.. Please let us know if your party will be above 12 children, as the princess will only come equipped with enough crafts/goodie bags for the final number provided.

Activity Completion: We always do our very best to complete every activity listed in the packages we offer. However, due to the many contributing factors during parties or events, some activities may take longer than planned to complete. In this case certain activties may be required to be removed or replaced, as per the decision of the performer. We do not provide any refunds for any activities we were unable to complete due to this reason. Our performers are trained to be very efficient and will always do their best to complete as many activities as possible in the given time frame.

Overtime: Our parties are either (30), (60) or (90) minutes in length. We have carefully designed our packages to allow for each activity to be completed in that time frame. Clients must agree that they will not stop or delay a performer's schedule or delay them from leaving. Delaying the schedule will result in activities not being completed. If you wish to have more time with the performer, and they are willing to stay, a charge of $50/half hour must be paid in cash to the performer up front, before they continue with the extra time.

Out-Of-Company Characters: We regret to inform clients that Enchanted Princess Parties will decline to attend parties and/or events where costumed characters (including but not limited to: princesses, superheroes, etc) from other character companies hired and/or volunteering for the client are present. Enchanted Princess Parties reserves the right to be informed by the client if any other characters outside-of-company will be present at the time of booking and reserve the right to ask parents/friends to change out of costume, or to leave events where another character company is present with the remaining balance from the client.

Adult Guests Dressing Up: We believe highly in character integrity and keeping the magic alive and feel that this jeopardizes our mission. Children under the age of 14 are more than welcome to dress as their favourite character; however, adults in full costume are not permitted.

Animals: Due to the delicate nature of our gowns and wigs, we insist that all pets (especially dogs) be put into a different room or outside during the princess' visit. Claws, animal stains and odours can damage our delicate costumes.

Outdoor Events: Please be advised that our performers will be wearing coats/winter wear if hired for an outdoor event where the temperature requires winter clothing. A warm space to rest/break is also required for outdoor events.

Rain/Snow: Due to the delicate nature of our costumes, as well as our performer's health and safety, an indoor alternative must be provided if a weather change does occur. Performers will not be permitted to work in rain or snow and reserve the right to leave the event if no indoor alternative is available with the remaining balance from the client. A "rain-check" will be granted to the client for the performance time lost for an appearance at a later date of the client's choosing.

Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs: Due to our performer's health, as well as the safety of our costumes, we do not permit our performers to enter a home where guests are actively smoking. Alcohol can be consumed during parties unless guests become intoxicated and the safety of our performers is put at risk. Drug use will not be tolerated and our performers reserve the right to leave the party, and a refund will not be provided.

Performer Safety: Performers reserve the right to leave a party if they feel unsafe or if any inappropriate or illegal activities are being engaged in with the remaining balance from the client.

Supervision: Clients must ensure that there is at least one adult in the room with the princess and the children to supervise and handle any problems if they do occur.

Costumes: Clients must be aware that Enchanted Princess Parties have many different costumes for each character and a certain costume might not be guaranteed.

Competition: Clients must not be affiliated with a competitor of Enchanted Princess Parties (owner, employee, contractor). Clients must agree not to share any photos, videos or information about the party to a competitor of Enchanted Princess Parties.

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