The Snow Queen

Brrrrr, does it seem cold in here? You can thank the Snow Queen for our eternal winters!


Graceful, elegant, strong and fierce, the Snow Queen will glide into your party or event in her gorgeous sparkly blue gown and long, flowing ice cape. Your child is sure to be amazed that their favourite Queen came to their special day!

The Snow Queen specializes in frosty face paint, sparkly glitter magic and her signature song!

Be sure to invite her sister, the Snow Princess, along too for extra snowy fun!


The Snow Queen is available to book in her Original Blue Gown, her New Adventure Outfit, her Green Spring Gown, or her Holiday Dress.

Disclaimer: It is not our intention to violate any copyright laws. As such, we use princesses who are in the public domain with specially designed costumes, accessories and names in order to differentiate them from internationally known characters.

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