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Characters Portrayed: Little Mermaid, Scottish Princess, Snow Queen, First Princess, Rapunzel, Beauty Princess, Cinderella, Tinker Fairy, Monster Girls, Snow Princess

From her very first day as an Enchanted Princess, Sarah knew she had found something special. Her love for fairytales and working with kids could not have come together in a more magical way. Sarah has been with Enchanted Parties in Edmonton for 10 years and her passion for what she does continues to grow every day. She has many years of experience in working with children in a number of fields. Sarah graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alberta in 2015 and is currently working at Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton. Sarah is all about making sure that every child feels special and has as much fun as possible. Her favourite part of being an Enchanted Parties Princess is when the children invite her to come back next year! When she’s not in costume, Sarah enjoys running, music, and travelling.

Favourite Princesses: The Little Mermaid and The Scottish Princess


Characters Portrayed: Snow Queen, Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Tinker Fairy, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Fairest Princess, Beauty Princess, Super-Woman, Fashion Doll, Monster Girls, Villain Girl, Deadly Ivy

Mackenzie Dayle is an extremely experienced and professional performer. She is been a professional Singer, and has been performing for large audiences since the age of 5. She has had 20 years of Musical Training, 20 years of classical dance training, and 17 years of acting training. She has won over 40 performance awards over the years for Singing and Dance. Mackenzie loves children and has been involved in child care for many years. She loves bringing smiles to children of any age, and believes in the importance of keeping the magic alive. As an avid fairytale fan, Mackenzie is very passionate about her role in Enchanted Princess Parties, and has been a Princess Performer for over 8 years. Mackenzie has been almost every character in the Enchanted roster, but her favourite to portray are Snow Queen and Little Mermaid.


Favourite Princesses: The Snow Queen and Sleeping Beauty


Characters Portrayed: Arabian Princess, Island Princess, Monster Girls, Unicorn Princess

Danielle is a seasoned performer and musician who is so excited to be a part of the Enchanted Princess Parties team. A classically trained vocalist and pianist, Danielle has been making music from a very young age. She is an established singer- songwriter who has had music published in Canada as well as Malaysia. Danielle has been working in childcare for over 5 years and is passionate about combining her love for educating with her love of music. She currently runs a music program in the inner city for children who would otherwise be unable to afford music lessons and is an active volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Danielle is in her third year of a Developmental Psychology Degree and plans to pursue graduate work in clinical and school psychology. A huge princess fan, Danielle is excited to share the joy of magic and music with children of all ages. She can’t wait to create a magical experience for you and your family!


Favorite Princesses: Arabian Princess and Island Princess 


Characters Portrayed: Beauty Princess, Tinker Fairy, Snow Princess, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Little Mermaid

Marissa has always wanted to become a princess. She loves fine arts; she has been in two drama shows and three musical theatre shows. She was in the archbishop Jordan high school choir all through high school and won rookie of the year in 2016 and most outgoing in 2017. Marissa has been singing ever since she could remember. She enjoys children and is thrilled to be able to put big smiles on their little faces.

Favourite Princesses: Cinderella and Beauty Princess


Characters Portrayed: Fairest Princess, Wonder Girl, Katana, Snow Princess, Beauty Princess

Jen is an 13-year martial arts veteran with a third degree black belt in Taekwon-do. Despite her rather rough credentials, she loves working with children whether it be babysitting, teaching kids classes, running camps, or making children’s dreams come true by appearing as their favourite princess. Jen is a die-hard Princess fan and can recite all the words to most of the Popular Princess films. She is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Science program and is working towards being a veterinarian. Jen started working at Enchanted Princess Parties as a makeup, hair, and wig stylist and very quickly transitioned into playing the role of her favourite character: the Fairest Princess . She can’t wait to give your children memories that they will treasure forever- bring on the magic!

Favourite Princess: The Fairest Princess

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Characters Portrayed: Snow Queen, Snow Princess, Beauty Princess, Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Tinker Fairy, Villain Girl

Megan is 20 years of age and currently in her 2nd year of a degree in psychology and music at the University of Alberta. She started singing lessons at the age of 12 and self taught herself to play the ukulele and the guitar, performing at numerous events and venues. She is a member of the UofA Madrigal Singers and was a two time recipient of the most valuable chorister award in her high school choir. As a kid, she wanted to be a princess when she grew up, and it became a reality! Megan loves working and interacting with children and hopes to pursue a career in being a family and child counsellor. She strives to bring magic and smiles to every child through this company as doing so is truly rewarding to her!

Favourite Princesses: The Little Mermaid and The Island Princess 


Characters Portrayed: Beauty Princess, Little Mermaid, Snow Princess, Cinderella, Tinker Fairy, Fashion Doll

Maren is a 17 year old Singer, dancer and actor. Music, whether singing, dancing, or composing, is oxygen for her. She began dance lessons at the age of 4 and classical voice lessons at age 7. She has been involved with the Festival Players for eight years. She takes part in yearly music festivals for singing, musical theatre, and piano. She has attended the provincial music festival for two years and has numerous local awards and scholarships for her achievements. Trained in all forms of dance, pointe is by far her favourite. With a big family and years of experience babysitting, Maren enjoys spending time with little ones of all ages. She was a big helper in her Mom’s day-home for many years; her favourite activity was to make surprise Princess lunches for all of the kids in full princess wear. She has loved princesses all of her life and loves to sing any princess song.  She is so excited to be a part of Enchanted Princess Parties and cannot wait to share her excitement and love of music and all things princess-related with children of all ages.


Favourite Princesses: The Little Mermaid and Cinderella


Characters Portrayed: Island Princess, Wonder Girl, Spanish Princess

Ana is a student currently pursuing a music career. She has experience working with kids from her family party animation business in Mexico. At the age of 3 her natural singing talent was apparent. Without music lessons she began to teach herself piano and guitar to accompany while she sings. She joined school choir and was the main soloists for many performances. At the age of 10 she moved to Edmonton and joined an arts school that helped her develop her music skills to the next level! She is now been part of Operas, Musicals and Jazz choirs, along with many talent shows Ana has won over 10 awards for her singing. She takes her role in Enchanted princess parties seriously; she loves making children's favourite fairytales into a real life most magical experience. Ana can’t wait to share the Princess Magic at your party, and make it a day you won’t forget!


Favourite princesses: Island princess, Beauty princess


Characters Portrayed: Cinderella, Beauty Princess, Snow Princess, Little Mermaid, Fairest Princess

Claire is a passionate performer who is ecstatic to be working with Enchanted Princess Parties. She began music lessons at a young age and added vocal training when she was 12 years old. Her love of the performing arts grew throughout her early teen years, and she participated in many musicals with local companies and her high school. In addition to her background in musical theatre jazz, Claire recently began tap and swing. She is delighted to be able to continue performing with this company. Her love of princesses, although fostered in her younger years, grew more and more as she became involved with theatre and enjoyed seeing fairytales come to life on stage. Claire is thrilled that with this acting experience, any location becomes the stage and children are such a big focus. When she’s not dressed up in ball gowns, Claire is a swim instructor and lifeguard, connecting with children in a vastly different environment. She can’t wait to bring magic to every party, making it a day you won’t forget!


Favourite Princesses: Cinderella and Island Princess


Characters Portrayed: Snow Queen, Snow Princess, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Beauty Princess, Emily of Fantasyland

Emma is a fun, outgoing girl with a passion for the Arts; drama, dance and of course music. Emma has danced from the age of 3, in the disciplines of ballet, tap and musical theater, for several years. Emma shifted her focus in her teens, to pursue music, joining choir and participating as a soprano in the Hallelujah Chorus. She has been a character for congregational singing and continues to deepen her vocal abilities. Emma was a member of the Onoway Junior Senior High School Honors Band for 3 years, playing both percussion and trumpet while studying violin during her extracurricular time. Emma comes from a large fun family which has sparked her love for children and loves babysitting and Nannying. Emma has had roles in several plays and was the lead in ‘This is a Test’. She has enjoyed working with students and peers as a Director of two productions, as well as helping out in lighting and set crew for 6 years. Emma is also avidly athletic, having run a Spartan race and being in basketball for 6 years. She became captain in her senior year and lead her team to Division Champions. She has had a lot of experience peer teaching and getting to know youth and would love to make your Children's princess dreams come true!

Favourite Princesses: Cinderella & Sleeping Beauty


Character(s) Portrayed: Spider-Guy

Since his very first day of high school, it has been apparent that Karson has wanted to perform for people in any way possible. Over the past 4 years, Karson has explored performing in so many different ways. Starting with close-up magic and the going into school plays, musicals, one-acts, Improv and stand-up comedy. Karson is now a professional magician, and now since he has started at Enchanted Princess Parties, he is now a professional Spider-Guy. Every single time that mask goes on, he is dedicated to making your kids birthday parties magical.

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